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What can be termed as dental emergency? How to get over with it?

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What is said to be a Dental Emergency? Immediate treatments for it-

Dental problems may occur anytime and anywhere. Depending on what you eat, how do you take care of your teeth, and the condition of your oral activities. Pain in the teeth or any dental discomfort may arise or occur at any point in time. Research and studies conducted by Global Dental Centre reveal that the chances of teeth problems become more extensive due to lack of proper tooth care. Visit the best dental clinic of Indore – Global Dental Centre, to get perfect guide plans for your dental health.

Talking further, you might come up with some dental issues even at midnight or when you’re on a vacation. Unfortunately, dental emergencies can and do happen at the worst times. When you’re far from home, it may be difficult to find an emergency dentist. It’s safe to possess information about emergency dental services before you leave home. If you have a dental emergency while travelling, and you can’t get help right away, here are a few useful tips and lessons provided by our dental experts for dealing with the emergency situations until you can obtain proper care.


Dealing with Toothache Emergencies!

If your tooth hurts, rinse your mouth gently with warm tap water if available. Use dental floss to clean your teeth in case there is food or debris lodged between them, which can cause a toothache or make an existing one worse. Remember to clean all the annoying food particles out of the teeth in order to avoid any further toothache. Wherever you go, brushing and flossing should be on your tips. Moreover, you should never place an aspirin against your tooth because it can burn the gum tissue. Over-the-counter pain relievers should be swallowed if necessary to reduce pain.

How to manage for broken dentures-

A dental emergency while travelling doesn’t always involve natural teeth. If your dentures break or you suddenly find that they don’t fit, you should NOT attempt to repair them by yourself. You may be able to find a dentist in the area who can perform minor repairs or adjustments. Then make sure to see your own dentist when you get home. If your dentures are causing painful sores or irritation, take them out or stick to soft foods until you can get them fixed. Avoid eating harsh or extreme solid foods take precautions while eating and drinking if you have dentures. Remember precaution is better than cure, before making a trip, consult your doctor to avoid such risky situations.


Detached crown or destroyed fillings-

If you lose a filling, place over-the-counter dental cement in the cavity. Chewed sugarless gum can also be substituted in a pinch. If your crown comes out and gets detached, slip it back over the tooth and hold it in place using temporary dental cement, toothpaste, or denture adhesive. If you’re unable to find emergency dental assistance at your location, call our dentist as soon as you arrive home or even while you are en route.


Sudden breaking up of teeth. Knocked out, cracked or crooked teeth.

Emergency care is especially important if you have a broken, cracked, or knocked-out tooth. If you can’t see a dentist, visit a hospital emergency room. In the meantime, collect all fragments of the affected tooth. You can rinse a knocked-out tooth with water, but never scrub or clean it, and only hold it by the crown. If possible, place it back into its socket, and hold it in your mouth until you can obtain emergency dental care. If that’s not possible, place it in milk, and take it with you to the emergency dentist. Obtaining help within an hour of the injury gives you the best chance of saving the tooth. A cold compress can help to reduce swelling while you wait for help. Afterwards, visit your dentist in the early stage to get proper treatment against broken teeth.


Our dentists suggest that dental emergencies should not be overlooked. Injury to teeth or gums may look small and temporary but they might turn out to be serious. Overlooking dental problems may enhance the risk of permanent damage to the teeth. The treatment may also be extensive and expensive later on. Thus, proper care of teeth is a must, and in case of any dental emergency possible measures should be adopted as early as possible. Panic and stress may not resolve the problem, but taking potential steps with calmness may help you get rid of the situation. Consult our dentist for understanding further options which can be implemented for better dental care. Visit us at  Navlakha clinic or Vijaynagar clinic, call us at- 9893499099/ 0731-499909 or  9893466676/0731-4250950.

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