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The surprising connection between oral health and pregnancy.


Combating Effect of oral health on pregnancy-

Pregnancy and good dental health are co-assisted, pregnancy with good overall health is not that obvious and common these days. Nowadays women are diagnosed with high complications in pregnancy some occur due to recklessness in health care. When we talk about health, oral health accounts the most. To your surprise, oral health has a gigantic effect on the pregnancy of a woman. Recent research conducted by Global Dental Centre unfolds some amazing links between oral health and its effect on pregnancy. Every aspect of health and life phases are studied in detail, the dental practices undertaken here, are the implications of modified technology with updated knowledge extracted from the detailed study. In addition, Dentists at Global Dental Centre are well trained and updated. They are accentuated to serve their patient in the best possible manner.
In light of the statement that Oral health affects pregnancy, there is a certain know-how, which makes clear how oral problems causes destructive impact on pregnancy. To be more precise, some of the oral issues such as Gum Disease are anticipated to create complications during childbirth. Pregnant women suffering through gum disease are more prone to deliver the baby too soon and too small. According to keen studies, gum disease may trigger increased levels of biological compounds that induce labor. Facts also state that in case of severe periodontal disease during pregnancy, the risk of having a premature baby becomes higher.

Combat your dental problems before and during pregnancy-

For a healthy newborn, the dental health of the mother plays a vital role. Whatever health issues a mother goes through bears a significant impact on a child’s health as well. To ensure good dental health during and before the pregnancy, visit to the dentist may help. For better assistance and free guide on pregnancy health care, consult our expert dentist at Global dental centre, we have a team of best dentists of Indore, who’ll help you to restore your good overall health. Regular brushing and flossing, a balanced diet and a visit to your dentist will surely help you to eliminate health problems during your pregnancy.

Common oral problems during pregnancy-

During pregnancy, women are more likely to eat the food of their choice. Some solid food gets stuck in the mouth leading to tooth decay or bacteria on the teeth. Due to bacteria getting accumulated on teeth dental plaque starts building up, this causes an unwanted irritation on the gums. The area left untreated may lead to gingivitis or gum disease. Gingivitis is very common in pregnant ladies. Red, inflamed and bleeding gums are common symptoms, alerting for dental supervision.
Adding up in your knowledge pregnancy gingivitis occurs due to an increase in the level of hormones. These hormones influence the way gums react to the irritants in plaque. Keeping your teeth clean and bacteria free, especially near the gum line will help in a gradual reduction or may even help in preventing severe gingivitis during pregnancy. To know more about how gum disease affect pregnancy you can read our previous blog also.

When to visit the dentist and What to expect?

Dental visit during the fourth to the sixth month of pregnancy is best recommended. Make sure you seek the best guidance from best dental clinics of Indore. Avoid visiting and consulting the dentist during your first trimester of pregnancy, the first three months of pregnancy are considered to be of immense importance for your child’s development and the excruciating stress of a dental visit, may be detrimental to the foetus.
Perhaps there is a well-suited reason for prescribing the dental visit during the fourth or the sixth month of pregnancy. X-rays, dental anaesthetics, high dose medications and antibiotics are not suggested if you visit during the first trimester of your pregnancy, thus the visit is worthless. Whereas prolonged sitting on a chair during the last trimester of your pregnancy may be discomforting and poignant. Thus, this may make your dental examination infeasible.
Hence, if you need to schedule an emergency visit then inform your dentist about your pregnancy before you arrive there. Make a healthy discussion about your medical history, stress factors, past miscarriages(if any) and medications you are taking in the present. These factors have a high influence on your dental plan and outcomes.

Some fast tips for your good dental health during pregnancy.

  • Avoid getting a toothache during pregnancy. So, brush out the sticky food to avoid any decay or bacteria occurrence on the tooth.
  • Avoid eating too much of sugary foods and foods rich in carbohydrates. Bacteria in mouth uses this food to produce acids which dissolve your enamel.
  • Look out for gum disease. Take precautions in prior.
  • Brush and floss twice a day if possible. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush for cleansing of teeth.

Conclusively, a healthy mother delivers a healthy child. Neglecting dental health as essential aspect during pregnancy may result in some serious issues. Schedule the dental visit for better health tips. Practice the above mentioned tips for fruitful results. For the best dental services consult our dentists. Global Dental Centre aspires to help their patient in the best possible manner. We are in the count of best dental clinics in Indore because we have skilled practitioners who aid you during your health sufferings.

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