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Teeth in Just 48 Hours

Dental Implants clinic in Indore

To better understand the concept, let us understand how it works. There is a full set of teeth, custom milled in one piece which is attached to dental implants.

Implants are small titanium screws designed to fit inside your jawbone, replacing the root portion of a missing tooth. With time, the titanium dental implants fuse to your bone, becoming part of your mouth and creating a strong anchor to firmly secure your denture. (Bridge).

The Denture attaches to the implants with small screws and is only removed during cleaning appointments but otherwise will stay within the mouth permanently.


How can you get your permanent set of teeth in 48 hours?


  • It Starts with a Consultation.

The first step in the procedure is an expert consultation where you will meet with our doctors and staff. They will discuss the entire process, financing options and determine a course of treatment just for you.

  • Planning Your New 48 Hour Smile.

You made the decision to get the treatment. The process for your 48-hour smile transformation is now underway. Now the next step is planning the aesthetics of your smile! Initial records are taken; you will meet with our team to discuss smile design, tooth shape, size and color.

  • Planning Your Dental Implants

You’ve made it this far, now it’s time to get the implants in. Your comfort is our number one priority and our staff will do everything to ensure you’re relaxed during the process. At your consultation appointment you will discuss anesthesia and sedation options to ensure a comfortable process.

  • Custom Milled and Digitally Designed

While you’re resting at home after implant placement, our team of highly skilled dental designers and master ceramists are hard at work creating your final bridge in our state of the art lab. In 24 hours, they will have finalized your computerized drawing and milled the titanium bar and the ceramic overlying teeth. Each is milled to fit perfectly within one another.

  • Handcrafted Details and Exceptional Artistry

Our highly skilled master ceramists then handcraft the final finishing touches on your Denture. The last design step is to get the shading of the gums and glazing just right, once that’s done; your teeth are ready for your life!

  • Delivering your Final Set of Teeth

The time has come for you to meet your new smile. You’ll come in after 48 hours of resting the implants. We will place your final teeth, ensure the fit and aesthetics are perfect and your procedure is now complete!

A soft foods diet is necessary for weeks to months after having the procedure, but you will receive thorough instructions as to how to care for your new smile.

When it comes to full mouth restoration and new permanent implant teeth, there’s really just one choice… Global Dental Centre


Fastest, long-term solution to help you solve your dental problems.


More than just a new beautiful set of implant teeth. 


No more covering your mouth and trying to hide your teeth. 


Comfort and confidence to enjoy all the things that really matter to you.


Benefits of Teeth in 48 Hours Procedure.

  • High success rate-Mandible- 98.1%, Maxilla-98.42%( Success Rate at Global Dental Centre is 100% till today)
  • High hygiene maintenance capability
  • High aesthetics and function
  • Simple surgical procedure, since only 4 implants are used

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