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Oral problems associated with diabetes

diabetes and oral health

Are you aware of the fact that Diabetes may have certain oral problems associated with it? If you are diabetic or if you are acquainted with any diabetic person then you must reason and learn to find more about how diabetes affects your oral health through this blog-

Living up with diabetes is a  great challenge. Diabetes is the most common health issue found these days. It is important for you to take extensive care of your oral health if you are diabetic especially. Research and studies signify that people with diabetes are more likely to get severe oral health issues, these may include gum disease, thrush and dry mouths too. Just like other people, brushing and flossing are important for diabetics also. Diabetic people should brush and floss regularly and accurately so that teeth can be cleaned properly leaving no chance for cavities. As they are more prone to plaque and cavities. Good oral health ensures the good general health of a person. To ensure for a better health blood glucose level should be maintained moreover healthy and a balanced diet should be consumed. If you are addicted to smoking then it could be a great threat to you, dentist in such situations always suggest quitting smoking. Avoiding such activities may reduce your risk of having any dental health problems. For carrying on any dental treatment let your dentist know about your diabetes. For a diabetic patient, the risk involved in any treatment is too high.  Thus. if you are diabetic then preventative dental care should be taken to avoid developing adverse oral health issues.

What are the oral health problems that affect diabetic people?

Most of the Indians who are serious victims of Diabetes undergo severe tooth decay and some other dental health issues. For knowing it better, if you are diabetic then you are often at the trigger of these dental conditions-

Gum disease– to your surprise, periodontal or gum disease is caused by the same bacteria by which tooth decay occurs. This bacteria which causes gum disease also give rise to plaque. If this plaque gets harden then it may cause gums to swell, get redden and sometimes bleed even.  If gum disease is not treated timely then it may affect the bone located around your tooth this might even result in tooth loss. Gum disease for diabetic may be more risky and severe but you can manage the risk by maintaining your blood glucose level. Try to keep the level within the optimal range. If you get symptoms of gum disease then contact our dentist as soon as possible.  Our dental experts at Global Dental Centre provide you with better suggestions that can help you to cure gum disease. Our clinic has proven to be the topmost dental clinic in Indore. You can visit us for better and faster cure.

Tooth Decay–  tooth decay is caused by the bacteria which are produced by the sugar and starch present in the food and drinks which you consume normally. These bacteria produce harmful acids, that wear down the surface of the tooth and also affects the enamel. For a diabetic person tooth decay is not a small issue, they have a higher content of sugar in their saliva due to which chances of acid production is always higher. Sometimes due to less saliva production chances, people with diabetes also suffer from dry mouth. Thus to have better oral hygiene and care you must daily floss and brush. Anyhow this is not just enough to get prevented from tooth decay and plaque so you should make a periodical visit to the dentist too. For a better treatment of tooth decay and bacteria present in the mouth visit Global Dental Centre. We have skilled professionals who’ll help you to take better prevention against oral problems.

Oral infections–  less saliva production and a high level of glucose in the saliva may create an opening ground for multiple ranges of oral infections. To defeat oral infection you must keep your blood glucose level within the optimal range.

Diabetes and oral problem are not parallel-

It is not necessary that diabetes always comes with oral problems. However, you need to understand it in a better way that if you do not take proper care of your teeth especially when you are diagnosed with diabetes then your oral health may get affected in an intense way. Do not forget, that diabetes and oral health problems both affect our general health in a tremendous way. Both of these need to be effectively managed.  

Below is the list of some dental practices that will help you to prevent yourself from oral infections or contamination.

  • Brush the teeth twice in a day.
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Use a good fluoride mouthwash
  • Avoid eating sugar and acidic food items.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Visit the dentist regularly.
  • In addition, avoid smoking in order to prevent yourself from dry mouth and any other oral problems.

Diabetes is no doubt the most chronic disease. There are many health issues incorporated with diabetes however oral health issues are the most significant one. In accordance to the study and research carried out by Global Dental Centre, diabetes is often found in people above the age of 40, but nowadays with the increasing speed of disease-causing bacteria chances of getting suspected with diabetes in young age is too high. If you are diabetic then you must ensure that you take immense care for your teeth. Try to drink water as much as to avoid dry mouth problem. Keep brushing and flossing regularly so that there is no chance for bacteria to develop plaque or lead to tooth decay.

For any further information regarding this subject feel free to contact Global Dental Centre, we are one of the best dental clinics in Indore, we are named for our quality dental services. Hence if you feel you are suffering through any dental problem along with your diabetes then do not delay your visit to our expert dentists.

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