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Know more about Calcified Root Canal Treatment

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Maximum of readers are aware of the root canal. Our previous blogs might have helped you out to get a clear picture of the Root canal and its curable traumatic pain. You guys might have heard a lot of horror stories about the root canal, however, our previous blogs elucidate on the fact that root canal is not that traumatic and can be treated with less number of sittings. Hopefully, with this blog, we will tell you how to successfully deal with the root canal if it gets calcified. Calcified canals of the teeth need to be treated in the earliest of time.
Addressing to a lot of questions about what is a calcified root canal, Global Dental Centre has come up with some amazing answers for it.
Calcified root canals are the dental situation in which calcium gets deposited in the root canals. The cause for calcification may vary, prolonged infection and trauma are the common reasons for it. Delay in root canal treatment often calcifies the root infection. To remove this calcified infection becomes challenging for the dentist and is no less than the nightmare for them.
Let us understand why and when are root canals calcified and what can be done to treat calcified root canals.

WHY AND WHEN?- some important facts to know.
There are numerous reasons for calcification in the root canal. It is often said if you do not cure your problem within the earliest time, it may become permanent and may cause severe pain too.

  • Calcification may be caused due to the natural process of ageing.
  • Prolonged trauma
  • Prolonged infection in teeth
  • Decay in tooth
  • Dental fillings or crowns which are exerting traumatic force on tooth and root canal over a long period of time.
  • Calcification may also occur due to Gingival recession which might occur at the Coronal part of the teeth

Thus, any of these reasons may cause calcification in the anterior and posterior of the teeth. Remember, if you feel certain pain coming from the nerves of your teeth. Then without any delay schedule the appointment with the best dentist in Indore. Make sure you get the best consultation, which can further help you to prevent the infection.


Excessive calcium deposit in the root canal is termed as calcification. This process of calcification starts from the coronal portion of the root canal, due to the reasons mentioned above coronal portion of the root canal gets calcified first. The root canals of the teeth develop this calcium at the coronal part of the teeth for varied reasons like dental trauma, cracked teeth, prolonged infections or due to unexpected shrink in the pulp chamber, cleaning the calcified infection becomes more challenging and perspiring for your dentist. Moreover, the incidence of calcified canals is highly correlated with age. However, the probability that a person will need a root canal is diminishing due to constant improvement in dental health amongst the society people.
Calcified root canal treatment is the special case of root canal problem dealt with Global Dental centre. The reason we are the best dental clinic in Indore is our deliberate attempt to relieve our patient from miserable pain of calcified root canals. It becomes difficult to extract and eliminate the calcified decay from the tooth once it gets calcified. The more you delay in treating root canal calcification, the more it becomes difficult for your dentist to clean the pulp. However, the management of calcified canals has always complicated root canal therapy.
Consultation with the Best dentist in Indore can help in detecting and diagnosing the calcified roots with the help of dental X-rays and other methodologies. An early cure to the calcified root canal may relieve you from the pain.

Treating calcified root canal space takes time and patience. It cannot be treated within the eye blink. It is indeed a skill dependent procedure which requires a clear understanding of treating the infected nerves or pulp. Dentist at Global Dental Centre works in perfection to treat the dental problems as early as possible. Root canal when gets calcified it creates various hurdles for the dentist and miserable pain for the victim. Thus, a regular dental check-up at the best dental clinic in Indore resolves the major problems associated with your dental health.
If you are triggered by the pain calcified root canal then make an immediate appointment with our dentist. For best root canal treatment in Indore visit Global Dental Centre now.
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