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Is it possible to have braces if I have a Dental Implant?

orthodontic treatment possible with implant

Teeth straightening treatment adds a confidence to your smile and this is the reason why most people are going for a orthodontic treatment these days. If you have also wanted an orthodontic treatment, but are unsure if it is compatible with dental implants – we can help. If you have a missing teeth and are considering whether or not dental implants are the right option before you receive a straightening treatment, here are a few facts to consider.

  • It is possible to straighten teeth if you have implants
  • Timing is important so there is a level of coordination that must be done


Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option for missing natural teeth. They are the most commonly used method for tooth replacement and they are the most long-lasting option. They can be used to replace broken, cracked, chipped or missing teeth.

An implant begins with a metal rod or screw that is placed into the jaw bone. Once the rod finished integrating with the bone, an abutment is attached. The abutment is the piece on which a crown is placed. The crown is the part of the dental implant that resembles your original tooth. It is shaped and colored to look as natural as possible and to match your other teeth.

Dental implants function just like natural teeth. They last longer and work better than bridges or dentures. Because dental implants are placed by surgically inserting a metal rod into the jawbone, they are incredibly permanent and cannot usually be moved like natural teeth with straightening techniques.


Whether or not teeth should be straightened before missing teeth are replaced depends on the location of the missing teeth and the state of one’s mouth. In some cases, if the existing teeth are already overcrowded, it is possible to wear braces that close the space created by the missing teeth. This provides a good straightening option that diminishes the need for any teeth replacement options like dental implants.

If the existing teeth need to be brought closer together, the missing tooth or teeth might need to be replaced before straightening takes place. In some cases, straightening can be started with space kept open for a future implant. Either way, braces should be fitted before dental implants are placed if possible as dental implants will be fixed in place and unable to move like real teeth.


Like previously mentioned, dental implants cannot be moved, but the teeth surrounding them can. A fixed brace or clear aligner system can be designed to move nearby teeth without affecting the implant. In some cases, if needed, crowns on dental implants can be replaced to fit a different angle that looks better with corrected teeth. In rare cases, as needed, the entire implant can be replaced.


If you are interested in having your teeth straightened, visiting an orthodontist office is imperative. An orthodontist can provide a comprehensive examination complete with X-rays that will determine the best course of action. To learn more about the teeth straightening options that would work for you, schedule an appointment with our office today. Call 9893499099 or contact us online.

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