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Get the perfect Dental makeover for the most precious moment of your life

Are you getting married any time soon, what is the better preparation to get all decked up for your beautiful, most cherished and memorable day of your life than having your beautiful breath-taking smile?

Remember the wedding day and all of its ceremonies are the most memorable and important time of your life, there will be photographs, people meeting you and most important your smiles. And for perfect smiles, one needs the best dental smile makeover. On the wedding day and even after that for a long period of time, the bride and the groom are the stars in the family. Everyone is around them and looking at them, even the camera is purely focused on the new couple into the limelight. The attire, the glow and the makeup are important but the smile is the most significant part of the whole celebration which can never be neglected.

The camera that clicks all the moments and converts them into memories, and your smile in all those clicks will be treasured by you and your newlywed partner for a lifetime. A glowing and perfect smile will make you feel more comfortable, confident for the wedding and makes a shining impression on guests that become a part of your special day.


How many problems can be covered in “Wedding Dental Makeover”


  • Anterior spacing and gaps between teeth: Many times, there are gaps in between two or more teeth which needs to be adjusted for a perfect smile
  • Broken, cracked or Chipped teeth: Sometimes due to external force or any accident, the tooth gets broken or chipped, which needs to be repaired for a perfect glowing smile.
  • Stained teeth, discoloured or Yellowish Teeth: teeth whitening is very important for perfect photography, get white, clean and brighter teeth after teeth whitening.
  • Tooth wear like Attrition, Erosion, and Abrasion: Many Dental restoration techniques take the help of tooth wears like veneers, bridges and crowns.
  • Dental Fluorosis: it is a disease in which a white line appears on the teeth due to excessive fluoride, this can be also treated in wedding Dental makeover.
  • Enamel Erosion: Enamel erosion is a generally observed dental problem which can affect the smile, to restore the perfect smile, people undergo wedding dental makeover.
  • Yellow Discolouration of teeth: It is also, a dental issue that might become a hindrance in smiling wide, well wedding dental makeover is here.
  • Plaque accumulation: Due to plaque accumulation, the gums and the tissue that hold the teeth become weak which results in a weak smile.
  • Teeth Overcrowding and overlapping: sometimes there are crowded teeth, which makes the smile uneven, to make it even, Wedding Dental Makeover is done.
  • Missing teeth: If any teeth are missing, one can opt-in with any dental restoration technique or get bridges.
  • Tooth distance: To manage the distance between the teeth, Dental crowns bridges and fillings are used, so the smile looks aesthetically correct.
  • Cavities: there are different procedures to fill up the cavities by coloured and non-coloured fillings.
  • Teeth misshapen or broken tooth- Sometimes people lose their original teeth due to some accident, we restore the smile with the new tooth at the same place


Wedding Dentistry/Special Event Dentistry is the dental restoration procedures for anyone and everyone who desire a sparkling, healthy and a beautiful smile that will be captured in photographs and eyes of everyone present at the event for memories that are going to forever.

We at Global Dental Centre, the best dental centre provides you with the best packages of Bridal and groom Dental Makeover for weddings. From teeth whitening to alignment and dental restoration, we have a treatment procedure for all.

For more details on Wedding or Cosmetic dentistry and Wedding Dental Makeover
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