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Food items that are good for teeth or mouth.

Conventional food that is healthy for the Teeth

The health of a tooth is highly determined by the food you eat or consume. Sugar-containing foods such as candies, chocolates, and soda lead to intensive tooth decay. However, most of the foods that we consume daily such as milk and vegetables consist of a certain amount of sugar which leads to tooth decaying. Fact remains that these foods are an important part of a healthy diet because they also consist of some important nutrients. To control your sugar intake, it is better to read the food labels and ingredient charts listed on the food packet. Choose those foods and beverages that are low in added sugars. One should focus on eating food containing the proper nutrient. Proper nutrition means an adequate amount of all the nutrients which are essential for our body to be fit and healthy. Simple everyday foods do have cleansing properties also. Complete oral care extends far beyond brushing and flossing. There are numerous habits and activities which can be adapted to ensure that you have a healthy body but do not overlook the importance of everyday simple foods which consist of great cleansing properties. Do not think that eating food causes multiple dental problems or other health issues, rather understand that food may contain several components or such ingredients which may create a ground for cavities and other oral problems.
To your surprise, some of the food helps in building healthier teeth and gums these are termed as supercharged foods. These supercharged foods are listed below-


Cheese always comes up with a bright and beautiful smile of some people, they’ll be happy to know that cheese is a supercharged food for their teeth. Cheese has the ability to combat acid erosion of the teeth.
Every time you eat a meal with bread, sweets, citrus, or soda, your teeth are exposed to tooth decay-causing acid. If possible eat cheese after every meal as cheese has the property to counteract the acid left by the food on the surface of the teeth. Eating cheese after a meal can counteract the acid left behind by a meal, making it a great choice for dessert.


Add enough calcium in your daily diet. Calcium helps in protecting teeth and gums from disease. For calcium you must also have good intake Fatty fish (such a salmon) is a fantastic source of vitamin D, allowing your teeth and gums to get the full disease-fighting benefits of calcium from the foods you eat.


Even oranges help in making teeth and gums strong. Orange is a citrus fruit containing vitamin C which strengthens blood vessels and connective tissue. It also reduces the progression of gum disease by reducing inflammation Go ahead and consume oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus fruits regularly.


Saliva is made up of 99.5% water. Dehydration can thicken your saliva, which wreaks havoc in the mouth. Saliva should contain an optimum level of the water as it is essential for the breakdown of foods, neutralizing bacterial acid and essentially preventing tooth contamination. Along with toothbrush and floss water is also required. Water reduces plaque by removing away food debris. After having coffee or tea rinse the mouth with water so that it may reduce stain to the teeth.

Fruits and vegetables

Don’t have a toothbrush handy? High-fiber fruits and vegetables are your next best option. Fruits and vegetables contain high fiber which scrubs in the same manner as a toothbrush does. They also help in saliva production as they require extra chewing.
Salad greens pack an all-around healthy punch, with the high water content in crunchy, juicy fruits and vegetables also helping to offset their sugar content.

Green and black tea

Polyphenols, which are found in green and black tea, interact with the bacteria that cause plaque by killing or suppressing them. Bacteria feed on the sugars in your mouth and, once they’ve had their feast, they excrete tooth enamel destroying acids. This makes tea a great choice for during or after a meal, since it suppresses the presence of these acid producing bacteria in the mouth.


Yes, you heard right. Chocolate! As long as it’s at least 70% cocoa, and eaten in moderation of course.
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Dark chocolate is a superfood that contains CBH which helps in hardening tooth enamel which then makes teeth free from tooth decay. It is not necessary that all kinds of chocolates are good for teeth and gums. The cocoa bean is one of the good stuff. However, not every kind of chocolate is good for you but The cocoa bean is one of the good stuff – not the chocolate itself. With this fact go for the consumption of dark chocolate and have a habit of brushing the teeth after you eat the chocolate. If you have braces then simply avoid chocolates with nuts. Rather than keeping the chocolates into the fridge keep them at room temperature. Chocolates stored into freezer may become hard to bite.
Hence, Eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods from all the food groups promotes healthy teeth and gums. A balanced diet includes all kinds of fruits, vegetables, protein-rich foods, calcium-rich foods, and whole grains, these essentially provide optimum oral health as well as overall good health. You can try out this essential listed out foods options too. For any other required consultation, you may talk to our experts or visit Global Dental Centre.

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