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Effects Of Stress On Your Oral Health

stress and oral health

We live in a stressful world and thus, having stress is obvious. Stress is something which knocks on your door every while,  too much physical and mental exertion is not termed as stress.

Moreover, it is the destructive thinking which bears a detrimental impact on your overall health. Effect of stress on oral health is preliminary and too common.  Most often, you might have heard about anxiety, stomachaches and headaches caused by stress, stress affecting your teeth might be surprising to you. A certain level of stress may keep you zealous and energized for your goals but excessive stress will definitely affect your health. It is no wonder to have a stressful life in this hectic and complex world. With unpredictable circumstances taking place it may be difficult to deal with stress. However, our expert dentist at Global Dental Centre makes sure to relieve their patient out of the stress. The dentist here, counsel the patient in order to help them come out of the stress pond. If you are stressed out throughout the day and see the impact of it on your teeth then do not overlook this thought, consult our dentist as soon as possible and rest your hunt of best dentist in Indore.

Oral health concerns associated with stress-

Dentist at Global Dental Centre has listed a few oral health issues caused by stress. These may become severe and devastating if not cured timely. If you find any of these occurring in you, do not delay in booking an appointment.

Teeth grinding-

It is also termed as Bruxism. Teeth grinding occurs at night, hence, you might not be aware of it. Stress makes you grind or clench your teeth even more. Teeth grinding should not be overlooked, an early cure for it might reduce its effect on overall health. It can affect pain in TMJ.  Headaches, soreness in the jaw are some common effects of teeth grinding. On your dental examination, your dentist may recommend you for a nightguard. If you happen to grind your teeth during the day time, the dentists may suggest keeping your teeth slightly apart when you are not eating.

Gum disease-

If you take too much stress, your immune system is likely to get affected. The poor immune system increases your risk of infection in the mouth leading to gum disease. Cases of gum disease caused through stress are common these days if you feel your dental health is on trigger consult the experts.

Dry mouth –

Both stress and medications used to reduce the stress are equally responsible for dry mouth. Dry mouth occurs when saliva volume is too low. Saliva is the defence shield for your mouth. Absence of saliva may lead to tooth decay, gum disease and infection.

Canker Sores-

Canker sores (white spots found on the soft tissue of the mouth with red borders) are harmless but can be painful. The main reason behind it can’t be stated, however, it can be due to a problem with the immune system or defence against germs by your body. Stress raises the chances of getting them. They will usually go away on their own within 1-2 weeks or your dentist may prescribe a topical treatment or rinse. It is better to avoid consuming spicy, hot food or high acid content.

Tooth Decay –

Under extreme stress, you may skip brushing, flossing, and rinsing due to a bad mood. This, in turn, results in tooth decay, cavities. A stressful person is likely to have poor oral health routine. This is where chances of tooth decay increases. Moreover unhealthy preferences for food may also lead to bacteria and decay on your teeth.

Manage your stress and combat its effect on your health-

These days it is hard to be stress relieved all the time. Your juggling work, family responsibilities and other commitments bother you. Even if you try hard stress is likely to occur. Below mentioned are some of the points you should adapt to overcome your oral health problems.

  • “Talk to a dentist” is the one-stop solution for all the oral health problems. Ask your dentist about the best treatment.
  • Get a customized nightguard to overcome the problem of teeth grinding. Wear it at night to prevent the problem of a tooth damaged from grinding and clenching. Nightguard creates a cushion which removes stress from your muscles and joint tissues.
  • Avoid eating harsh and crunchy foods during pain.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco this might worsen your situation.
  • Gentle massage, physical therapy or pain relief medications may help in managing your stress or reducing it.
  • A regular exercise routine can relieve stress, revive your energy levels, and encourage you to eat healthier food.

Thus, neglecting your health over your work could be devastating. Try not to take much stress, this will affect your health and lead to several problems.

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