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Do I need Braces, only if I have crooked teeth?


Most people think that getting braces are only for crooked teeth. But the truth is that there are several other reasons to get brackets cemented on your teeth. The most common reason for braces is to realign the jaw. If you are in a search of dental clinics best for treating crooked teeth and realigning the jaw, then you must check out Global Dental Centre. We offer our patients the best treatment possible. We are one of the reckoned dental clinics in Indore.
Discussing further, If you are someone with an overbite, an under-bite, or a cross-bite, you could be good candidate for braces. Another reason for braces is to make space in the mouth for teeth. Let us just discuss them in detail.
An overbite happens when a person’s top teeth sit far ahead of the bottom teeth. In a perfect world, there will only be a millimeter or two of an overlap, but many jaws sit apart with a wide gap in between. The reasons to fix an overbite are many. If left unattended, a person can experience an aching jaw and will often clench and grind his teeth at night. Do not worry the team of orthodontists at Global Dental Centre can guide you with a personalized treatment of braces. Moreover, Another consequence of an overbite is that it makes a person’s face look shorter. Getting braces to fix an overbite, even if the teeth are already straight, can make a person’s face look much different and most people are happy with the result.
This is the opposite of an overbite, when the bottom teeth are further out than the top teeth. It perhaps looks more obvious than an overbite and can also lead to aches and pains in the jaw. When fixed with orthodontic treatments, again a person’s appearance can appear very different, but most would agree that the change is a nice one. Dentists at Global Dental Centre are known for best Underbite treatments in Indore.

A crossbite isn’t as well known as an overbite or underbite because it isn’t always as obvious. A person’s teeth might even seem in line and straight, but the back teeth are misaligned. This again can cause wear and tear and can potentially lead to gum disease and bone loss.
Crowded Teeth
Crowded teeth can often look straight but the teeth in the back are crowded and very close together. It might be a good idea to get braces to straighten them so that it is easier to floss and brush and maintain good oral health.
Thus, Braces, of course, are great for crooked teeth, but orthodontic treatments can help with other issues like an overbite, underbite, crossbite, and overcrowding. All of these conditions can lead to decay and loss of teeth, jaw pain, and quickened wear and tear on the teeth.Having a jaw that does not line up or having a crowded mouth can cause distress on your teeth and have negative effects on oral health. The assumption is that braces are all about giving patient perfectly straight teeth. While this is one of the main aims of wearing them, it is not the only objective. Dental braces achieve a lot more. This is why, when a patient attends consultation for braces, our orthodontist examines their mouth for a lot of different issues. They will ask a lot of questions, but what they are trying to do is build up a comprehensive oral review. This perhaps makes us leading and best dental clinics in Indore.


1. Braces Prevent Gum Disease
Gum disease can spell out trouble for your mouth if you’re not taking care of your teeth and gums properly.Fortunately, braces can help to space out teeth properly so you can have an easier time brushing and flossing in between your teeth.Without the straightening power of braces, food will be more easily lodged in between teeth, causing way more problems than Gum Disease.
2. Braces Prevent Tooth Decay
Tooth decay is another major problem caused by not properly cleaning your teeth.Furthermore, it’s because bacteria accumulate in these tiny crevices causing acid to build up.This acid build-up eventually causes the enamel of your teeth to wear down.The enamel is like a barrier that protects your teeth, and without it, even more serious issues can arise beside tooth decay.
3. Braces Prevent Cavities
If caught early, cavities are easy to treat. But if you leave it alone to grow and flourish, the cavity will need further treatment, which can get costly. How can braces prevent this? Same way they prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Braces space out your teeth so you can clean your mouth better. In other words, getting in between those small spaces between your teeth is important to its health and longevity.
4. Braces Help with Digestion
Need another reason why misaligned teeth can be problematic? If your teeth are not properly straightened, your mouth can’t chew food into teeny tiny bits. And your stomach has an easier time digesting teeny tiny bits of food than large chunks of it. Even your stomach will thank you for your braces.
5. Braces Prevent Injury
No one likes broken or cracked teeth. And protruding upper teeth are especially vulnerable during accidents. Accidents related to such events like:
· Sports
· Car crashes
· Accidentally falling
And since braces are wired against your teeth, they have a strong hold and thus they will help to prevent injury from these types of accidents.
6. Braces Prevent Bone Erosion
Bone loss is yet another problem with misaligned teeth, which occurs when bacteria starts eating away at the bones. But braces, erosion is not very likely to happen. This is because braces help to realign the teeth to prevent this from happening.
7. Braces Help with Self-Esteem
While bracers are certainly important for your health, they play a key role in one’s confidence. In fact, one of the best parts of having braces is how much it can raise someone’s self esteem. In the long run, braces help to create a great smile. And who doesn’t want to show off their new smile at a social event?
9. Braces Help with Bad Bites
A bad bite can cause problems with eating when your teeth don’t fit together properly. This also make your jaw tired, which eventually leads to tooth loss. Luckily, braces help to realign these upper and lower parts of your mouth.
10. Braces Help with Speech Improvement
Who knew that disproportionate teeth had an impact on the way we sound out words? In fact, teeth that are not straightened make it harder for someone to pronounce particular sounds. And just like with the health and aesthetic aspect of having braces, having straightened teeth significantly improves the way you sound out words. Is there anything braces can’t do?
If you suspect that you might need braces to correct a problem, consult the best orthodontist in Indore today.You can contact us on 9893499099/ 0731-4999099 for our Vijaynagar Centre and 9893466676/0731-4250950 for our Geeta Bhavan Centre.. Our wonderful staff will help answer any questions you might have.

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