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Dentures or dental implants

To decide for the replacement of missing tooth is a bewildering situation. Already missing teeth and in addition choice for its replacement is a stressful job.  Anyway put down the baggage of load, and read the blog attentively to know what’s the better option dentures or dental implants for the missing teeth. 

In this blog, we will try to provide you with a better picture of what is dental implants and dentures and which one to choose will be beneficial. 

You must be in the pool of question of what option to select if your tooth is attacked by bacteria or any decay or it is damaged, infected or triggered with some gum disease. However,  in past, the solution for the teeth beyond its repair was to pull them out from the roots, which was dreadful in terms of pain and stress. Interestingly, with the progress of dental sciences, numerous replacement to these sets of infected or unrepairable teeth are available, dental implants and dentures account to the most common alternatives available. Yet to choose amongst them is not everybody’s piece of cake. 


I am missing a tooth- what to do?

Having a missing tooth is not just annoying but also reduces our confidence to cheerfully smile. Missing teeth are not just unhealthy but they also impact your overall health and self-esteem. Choosing to fill the empty spaces becomes of utmost importance now. 

Tooth loss is the normal tendency and may occur at any age depending on your dental care and hygiene. The fact remains, that 70% of adults aged 35 to 44 years have at least one missing tooth and 1 in every 4 people over the age of 74 are losing their whole teeth arch. Missing teeth in any age is no more wonder. Teeth have a natural tendency of falling out. 

Consider the safest and long term replacement for it.

“Dentures” my mind say- but is it a good decision?

If you are missing the whole arch of teeth then dentures are what the dentist recommends but not in all the cases. If you are too young then, dentures might not be a comforting solution to your problem. Thus, consultation with the best dentist in Indore may take you out of the plunge.

Dentures have a long back origin, ancient people used human or animal teeth which lookalike and well fit in the arch of the patient to restore the missing teeth. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology and up-gradation in medical sciences dentures look more like natural teeth and also functions like them up to some extent.  Further, dentures are much cheaper than dental implants. Dentures can be easily taken off whenever required whereas dental implants are fixed to the jawbone. On this note, if you are thinking to have dentures as a replacement to your missing teeth then, have a look at the set of problems associated with dentures. 


  • Gum or mouth irritation is obvious if dentures are not fixed properly.  Sticky adhesive is used to give the dentures a proper hold. 
  • Dentures do not protect against jaw bone deterioration
  • Food restrictions come in with dentures.
  • Fall or slip of dentures is a usual fear while speaking or eating. 
  • Taking out and putting on partial dentures can cause wear to the surrounding teeth
  • No matter how skillfully dentures are made, they will never feel or look completely natural
  • Dentures need to be replaced as often as every five years.

These are some obvious drawbacks of having dentures. However, after reading these it doesn’t mean that dentures can not be a good alternative, but if you have dental implants as an option then why choose dentures.  Thankfully, Global Dental Centre is there for your rescue! If you are thinking of replacing your missing gaps with dentures then do not overlook the advantages of having dental implants. 

Why are Dental Implants preferred over Dentures? What makes them more reliable?

Dental Implants are the permanent Tooth Replacement to consider. They are also a popular alternative to dentures. They are the dentist’s preferred choice for restoring your smile in a healthy way. 

In detail dental implants are the substitute roots that can be implanted into bone, so that jawbone receives stimulation at the site of the tooth helping them to function more like a natural tooth. Interestingly, implants do not affect the teeth in any manner moreover they settle with the neighbouring teeth just like a natural tooth. They are firmly attached with the jawbone providing ease in eating the food of our choice without any fear of dislodging. Unlike dentures, dental implants are expensive but are mess-free, once fixed can be retained for a long time and hence save your money for the long run. Thus, dental implants are a one-time investment,  saving your tooth and money at the same time. Hence the choice is clear!

To your surprise, dental implants is no more a long procedure covering months and months. You can now get permanent teeth just in 72 hours at Global Dental Centre. So if you are searching for dental implants in Indore then you know the answer. To get further information about 72 hours of dental implant treatment visit-https://www.globaldentalcentre.org/dental-implants/teeth-replacement-in-72-hours/

With this, we hope you now have clarity of thoughts for choosing between dentures. Depending on different dental conditions of different people denture or dental implants are recommended. For making a wise choice between them contact the best dentist in Indore available at Global Dental Centre.

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