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Chewing gums are good or bad? Do they replace brushing?

Brushing and flossing or chewing gum

If you are in a dilemma that eating chewing gum either compensates to your brushing or not then you should read on to get acquainted of some amusing information related to eating chewing gums.

Fact says that 6 out of 10 people are obsessed by chewing gum they are deeply infatuated to consume this rubbery-soft substance. As we all know that this moist rubbery substance- chewing gum is designed just to chew it and not to swallow it. Usually, all of us consume chewing once in a month at least,  chewing gum brings alertness and helps our brain is functioning properly. Moreover, eating chewing gum while doing certain task enhances our memory power, understanding spectrum and also helps us in making rational decisions with great logical presence. Thus, eating it leads to multiple merits, but considering chewing gum as a substitute or an oral replacement of Brushing and flossing is the opening ground of misconception. As per a recent study, it is discovered that chewing gum may help in removing stubborn bacteria from the mouth but that’s not sufficient for preventing your mouth from contamination and decay. If you chew the chewing gum for more than one minute then chances are high that bacteria can come back or reoccur on the same surface of the teeth. Thus, no doubt chewing gum is a healthy practice as it leads to numerous benefits for the overall body but chewing it for more than a minute leads in the formation of new bacteria species which may then increase the risk factor of gum disease. Hence, consume the chewing gum as enjoyment and not as an alternative to brushing.  Brushing is the activity in which the bristles of the brush goes between the teeth and remove the stuck food or substance which may develop the platform for cavities. Just by chewing the sugarless gums one cannot attain this primary objective. However, chewing gums can be used in assistance to your routine dental hygiene but it cannot be considered over brushing and flossing, you may eat sugarless chewing gums after your meal that will help in removing the bacteria present at the corners and tough surface of the teeth until you are able to properly brush your teeth after the meal. Chewing gum just helps in breaking down the destruction causing germ particles or microbes. These germs or bacteria can cause adverse effects on teeth and in the mouth if not removed accurately through brushing. Moreover chewing gum just reaches to the upper layer of tooth surface but it does not reach in between of the two teeth as flossing does. Thus, chewing sugarless gum can only clean the teeth for a short period of time but will not at all kill the bacteria from its roots. This can only be done through brushing and flossing.


Hence, it is recommended to add chewing gums in your daily dental hygiene but does not consider it as replacement of brushing and flossing. It is highly recommended that pay a visit to your dentist at least once in six months. For better results and dental health tips you may also visit the Global Dental Centre, it is a leading dental clinic of Indore. Dentists at  Global Dental Centre provide the best dental services they ensure complete prevention of your mouth and teeth from severe dental issues.

Chewing gum has great benefits- read on

Chewing gum not only kills the bacteria (chew for not more than a minute) but it has many other benefits too. You cannot overlook the essential merits of it. Eating chewing gum is not a bad habit but one must take care that eating it too excess will not do what brushing does to us. Some of the advantages are listed below-

  • Increase in Concentration and memory-Chewing gum boosts the mental performance of the person. It helps in enhancing the cognitive function like concentrations gets improved, memory gets sharper and decisions through logical reasoning are more improvised. The boost for memory comes through the increased blood flow from the brain. This increase in blood flow comes by chewing the sugarless gums.
  • Improves Wakefulness-  In addition to memory, chewing gums are considered to be the best edible item which can increase your alertness. When our jaw starts chewing it stimulates nerves and some parts of the brain that are highly associated with arousal. Once the people get into alertness they stay awake and fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety- chewing gum helps in releasing nervous energy, once the nervous energy is released we feel calm and composed. Chewing gums help in combating the stress and anxiety levels.
  • Protect teeth-  Global Dental Centre recommends chewing sugarless gum after the meal just for a minute and not more than that. It reduces plaque, protects tooth enamel, reduces cavities and also helps in preventing gingivitis. Eating chewing gum removes bacteria from the teeth this helps in eliminating the chances of tooth decay and tooth contamination.
  • The decrease in acid reflux and heartburn-  studies say that chewing gum after meals helps in reducing the acid present in the oesophagus. Chewing gum helps in increasing saliva the increase in saliva production clears the acid in the oesophagus.

Chewing gums are therefore a great aid to our dental habits but merely replacing them with brushing and flossing is the game of misleading.  Eating chewing gum is not bad or harmful for us in any way, rather it has a lot of great benefits. If you are addicted to chewing gum then this blog will definitely help you to know the power effects of chewing gum. For more such learning visit Global Dental Centre today. Being one of the top dental clinics of Indore, we assure you an informative and helpful visit.

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