Tooth extraction is a dental procedure where a tooth that’s causing pain and problems gets extracted from its original place in the bone. While many people require the procedure, few know much about it. To learn the truth about tooth extraction, go through this helpful guide provided by Global Dental Centre. Once our patient visits us no wonder they find us best in dental services in Indore.

Even if you are excellent with your dental hygiene you may find yourself in need of tooth extraction. There are a couple of different reasons why our dentists prescribe this procedure. Generally, tooth extraction is necessary when you have bone loss due to gum disease, fractured, broken, cracked, chipped or worn teeth or a tooth infection due to a cavity. Rotten teeth are the most common reasons for tooth extractions. Rotten Teeth is the most common cause of Tooth Extraction. Most of us will agree that having a toothache is a painful and traumatising experience. This excruciating pain can meddle with key capacities, for example, eating, gulping, and talking. The most common way to eliminate pain caused by extreme tooth decay is through tooth extraction.

In case you’re experiencing an infected tooth or simply have a ton of pain from a tooth, it might be a smart thought to get a tooth extraction. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to visiting an Oral Surgeon and taking care of your oral health as the problem could worsen and cause future health issues. Often wisdom teeth also need to be extracted. The most common reason is when a tooth is impacted, this stops it from growing in normally. This is often why many dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal. Another is the need to make room in the mouth for proper tooth alignment. And one more is when teeth are badly damaged and impossible to get repaired.

How to understand whether you need a tooth extraction or not?  

Visit our dentist at Global Dental Centre for a simple dental exam that will show signs of possible problems. We advise our patients for required treatments that could help them restore to good oral health. If the dentist suggests a tooth extraction,  then go for the treatment as soon as you can. Delay in the extraction can cause pain, infection, and misalignment. And if your wisdom teeth are the trouble, the best way to avoid discomfort is wisdom teeth removal. Next, our dentist will take an X-ray of the area to determine the treatment you need. You’ll also be asked for your dental and medical history. Get a list of medications and allergies attached to it, to avoid any complications. We have the team of best doctors for tooth extraction and other dental procedures, before starting any treatment our doctors go through the complete study of the patient’s medical background. If the tooth is completely exposed, then our dentist will perform the procedure with local anaesthesia. But if the tooth has broken or not fully emerged, you’ll be referred to an oral surgeon for surgical tooth extraction with much stronger anaesthesia. If you need to be given this deep anaesthesia, carefully follow the surgeon’s instructions about eating and drinking before surgery. And arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure. Once the tooth extraction is over, you’ll experience some swelling and pain which may not be that serious. This swelling is completely normal and endurable. It is actually part of the healing process, but you can reduce it by placing ice packs on top of the swollen areas. If your jaw is stiff once the swelling subsides, use warm compresses to relieve the twinge. Be aware that a surgical tooth extraction is more painful than a simple extraction. After all, there is much more involved in removing the tooth. You may be given pain medication for the few days after treatment, but the pain should diminish very soon after. In the first few days after the surgery, you are highly recommended to be careful and attentive with how you treat the wound. Choose softer foods that are easy to chew and add firmer foods as you feel more comfortable and avoid smoking or using a straw. Be attentive and be extremely gentle when brushing near the area of the extraction. Also, avoid strenuous or exhausting exercise for a week after surgery to allow for proper healing. Initial healing takes up to two weeks, but it typically takes three to six months for the bone and soft tissue to be fully restructured. And throughout the recovery and healing process, be sure to follow the dentist so as to avoid any complications that could interfere with your healing and health.

On the off chance that a tooth is damaged beyond repair resulting in rotten teeth, our best Oral Surgeon may recommend that your tooth is extracted. What does this mean? Teeth extraction is the expulsion of teeth from their place in your jawbone. What are the reasons that would warrant for a tooth extraction? Most circumstances, you may need a tooth extraction for various reasons, including extreme tooth decay, progressed periodontal infection, and rotten teeth that can’t be repaired.

Here are some other regular reasons teeth extractions might be exhorted:

  •    Some teeth are just nonfunctional, which means they can’t help in chewing and create discomfort in your mouth.
  •    Some teeth may require evacuation because of poor mouth alignment. This is the case with wisdom teeth or impacted canines that sometimes lie in a position that causes steady aggravation.
Why choose Global Dental Centre for your teeth extraction needs?

For rotten tooth extractions, our experienced and best Oral Surgeons are profoundly prepared to furnish you with the best level of dental care. Our dentists are equipped to extract any kind of teeth, hence, giving patients comfort in this time of hoisted stress. We need our patients to feel as good as possible with their exhorted treatment; in this way, we explain to them all they need to know about this particular oral surgery procedure before extracting their teeth.


As observed above, there are many occasions that may bring about teeth distress. At Global Dental Centre we work hard to regain your smile. The initial move towards a delightful, solid grin is to plan a consultation with us. Do not worry about the tooth extraction expense. At Global Dental Centre, the treatment is very affordable and satisfactory. If you are experiencing pain or uneasiness, call us or visit our office today so we can figure out whether you require an extraction.


Tooth Extraction Include: