Cavities/Tooth Decay

Tooth decay (dental caries) is a common problem around the world. At Global dental centre, we understand our patient’s problems and recommend what is best for you.  We are experts in the field and thus our patients rank us as top and best dental clinic in Indore. Remember tooth decay can cost a lot of money to you and could also create infection, pain, and loss of teeth. Tooth decay can be controlled by what is known as ‘non-operative’ methods which include cleaning plaque from teeth thoroughly, consuming a healthy diet and using fluoride to prevent the decay getting worse. If the decay still progresses, these ‘non-operative’ techniques may need to be combined with ‘operative’ management which involves filling and restoring teeth, where the holes caused by decay prevent cleaning. The fillings will improve the appearance of the teeth and allow the patient to clean them. Be it caries excavation through tooth coloured fillings, removal of decayed teeth (teeth extraction) or root canal treatment, we excel in protecting your teeth. Find us in Indore for any dental treatment.

Let’s understand that Tooth decay is the process of softening of your tooth enamel and it signifies to the damage of the structure of the tooth which is caused by acids when sugar breaks down through plaque bacteria occurs in your mouth. The plaque acids usually eat away at the next layer of the tooth (dentin) and eventually cause what is known as a root cavity. As a result, nerves in your teeth become exposed and you may feel pain when you consume things. If you feel pain near the root of your tooth, chances are you may have some form of tooth decay and should consult with our dental professional who is an expert in treating you the way you deserve.  You may be at high risk of sensitivity If this loss of mineral from the enamel is left untreated then it may result in a cavity, or hole in the tooth, which may be painful again. Without treatment, these holes can grow larger over time and may even destroy the whole tooth. Get rid of your dental problems faster by consulting to our expert professionals, with the best dental services in Indore.

Traditionally dentists remove all of the decay with a dental drill or instruments before a filling is placed. However, removal of all the decay has some disadvantages, including damage to the nerve of the tooth, toothache and possibly weakening of the tooth structure. This method is known as one step to complete caries removal. Despite a large number of fillings and restorations placed on a daily basis, dentists remain uncertain as to which is the best ‘operative management’ strategy for tooth decay. Doctors at Global Dental Centre adapt professional ways to remove teeth with the motive of No Pain, with an emphasis on saving as much of the supporting bone and gum tissues as possible. This is the reason GDC is ranking as the top dental clinic in Indore. These treatments are performed by our expert dentists with proficient methodology.  We are leading in dental treatments. Modern dentistry highly emphasizes in preventing tooth loss by assuming that every tooth is precious. The alternative operative caries management interventions that can be performed in comparison of the traditional treatment of removing all the decay in one go (complete caries removal) are-

– Stepwise excavation – this technique removes caries in stages over two visits some months apart, allowing the dental pulp time to repair itself and lay down dentine.
– Partial caries removal – the dentist removes part of dentinal caries and seals what is left into the tooth permanently.

To avoid any such teeth problem it is recommended to have regular checkups, this may help you to identify cavities and other dental conditions as well. Before they cause troubling symptoms and lead to more-serious problems get them suspected. The sooner you seek care, the better are your chances of treating the early stages of tooth decay and preventing its progression. If a cavity is treated before it starts causing pain or causing any other problems then, you might not need any treatment. For further checkups feel free to knock up at Global Dental Centre and render best dental services. We have the best dentist of Indore to help you out and treat you with all the comforts.