Restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry is the field of dentistry that helps with the functionality of the mouth. It includes rehabilitation of decayed, broken, chipped or missing teeth. It also includes the cosmetic aspect of dentistry and manages the aesthetic requirements of an individual. Dental specialities like endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics enclose Restorative Dentistry and its foundation is based upon how these interact in cases requiring motley care. It’s not just the cavities or any medical condition that demands the restorative input but also trauma cases drive the need for best restorative dentistry solutions. At Global Dental Centre in Indore, MP, India we offer best dental services and focus on any restoration needs of the patient’s teeth. Teeth that have been damaged due to dental decay or chipped tooth in an injury are also corrected through restorative dentistry. As a measure of complete restorative dentistry solution, replacing missing or diseased teeth to normal form and function is also a  major part of restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry specialist in India, Global Dental Centre acquires an expert team of dentists who helps in protecting and enhancing your overall oral health. Being the best Dental clinic in Indore, MP, India, Global Dental Centre offers the prime set of restorative dental treatment services at affordable rates.
Restorative dental care at Global Dental Centre, Indore guides you in all situations when different types of dental restorations may be needed as a choice of treatment for various reasons. The restorative approach of dentistry is to ensure saving teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Restorations include fillings, veneers, crowns, implants, bridges, dentures,  inlays and onlays. Practitioners or Dentist at Global Dental Centre are masters in these restoration process.

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Restorative dentistry is the study, diagnosis and integrated management of diseases of the teeth and their supporting structures and the rehabilitation of the dentition to functional and aesthetic requirements of the individual.

Dental restorations can be described as direct and indirect restorations. Some restorations require multiple visits to the dentist like crowns and bridges. Restorations can be made from different materials, including ionomers, metal alloys, amalgam, composite resin, porcelain and porcelain fused to metal.

Restorative dental surgery at Global Dental Centre, Indore, India: At the time of visit for a dental examination in restorative & cosmetic tooth care procedures, a restoration that is appropriate for them is suggested. The patient relies on our experienced team of dental surgeons and dentists. The general process for dental restorations is similar for all types of restoration. The tooth is first prepared for the restoration, then any tooth decay is removed and the tooth may be reshaped. If an indirect restoration is to be used, the dentist will take an impression to make the restoration at the dental lab. The restoration can then be placed and adjusted. Once the restoration is placed, it usually does not cause discomfort.
Restorative cosmetic dental care procedures like veneers or bonding for slightly crooked teeth are affordable and time-saving options for those who cannot afford to undergo full length of regular orthodontic treatments for various reasons. Though we are experts and provide the best root canal treatment in Indore, we also put great efforts into making bonding and veneers a big hit.  For example, a root canal treatment may be required before a tooth crown can be placed, with or without a dental plan. The span of a dental restoration depends on many factors, including the patient’s health and dental hygiene habits, the type of restoration and material used, and the location of the restoration in the mouth and the skill of the dental practitioner at the high-grade dental surgery centre. We at Global Dental Centre aim to offer the best set of restorative dentistry services in town.

Take into consideration your physical and fiscal factors while deciding upon for a strategy in restorative dentistry. Our dentists involved in restorative dentistry try hard to preserve your natural teeth if possible before resorting to full or partial dentures so the chances to remove and clean the devices regularly gets minimized. But sometimes full or partial dentures are the better option if you have many missing teeth and you’re not a good candidate for dental implants due to other health issues.


Restorative Dentistry includes: