Replacement of Missing Tooth

Our teeth are the reflection of our good health. Facts remain that the average adult aged 35 to 49 in India is missing seven teeth. While it is assumed that up to four of these teeth are wisdom teeth, this still means that they are living without at least three of their natural teeth. Therefore, it may happen that you or someone you know have lost teeth or are facing tooth loss in the near future and need to decide how to replace them. The best possible option for taking care of your oral health and your general health would be to replace each lost, decayed or missing tooth with a fixed or removable prosthodontic option. Dental implants are also the best option adapted to restore a natural tooth. However, this option isn’t always realistic due to the expenses. However, there are multiple other options available and offered by Global Dental Centre. We use the best rehabilitation techniques and offer our services at a reasonable price.

Prosthodontics in India/Prosthetic Dentistry India treats the dynamics of a smile, the preservation and restoration of oral health, and the creation of tooth replacements, including tooth implants by prosthodontist implantologist in Indore, India.  In simple words, prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with the design, manufacture, and fitting of artificial replacements for teeth and other parts of the mouth. If you can benefit from any restoration or replacement work on your teeth, do not hesitate to choose and contact a prosthodontics specialist with Global Dental Centre. Remember we are the best in providing dental services across the town.

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If you are missing teeth or even a single missing tooth, you have several options to restore your precious smile.

Improving your oral appearance can result in higher self-image and more confidence. The routinely performed treatments are termed as Removable Prosthodontics which includes replacing missing teeth with appliances that the patients themselves can take in and out of their mouths, such as dentures and partial dentures. Whereas the other is Fixed Prosthodontics which includes replacing missing and/or broken teeth with restorations that the patient cannot take in and out, such as veneers, crowns & bridges, and implants, which also take care of your desire for smile designing. Dental implants are always a good option for replacing teeth if you have one or more than one missing tooth. We at Global Dental Centre, Indore use only the quality and effective implants available across the globe with effective technology. Dental implants help remove negative impacts which an edentulism may have, including social isolation, food choice limitation, further tooth loss, and bone loss. The recent technological advancement has given an improved real meaning to a range of Reconstructive Dentistry in Indore.

There are patients coming to Global Dental Centre with loss and compromise of facial anatomy, i.e., ocular, orbital, nasal, auricular, combination intraoral/extraoral, and other related facial deformities like the use of obturators and facial prostheses (eye, ear and nose) under Maxillofacial Prosthetic Dentistry. Interdisciplinary understandings with other branches of dental care procedures like Endodontics, Periodontics, OrthodonticsOral & Maxillofacial SurgeryPedodontics, Oral Pathology, etc. is equally performed.


Replacement options for missing teeth


  • Dental Implant: Dental implants are the most common and frequently used dental treatment for the missing tooth. dental implants are designed with the objective of creating an artificial replacement of a natural tooth. They can be the best solution for people missing one or more teeth due to injury or severe decay or periodontal disease or other oral health problems.
  • All-on-Four Implant Dentures: This kind of treatment is slightly different from normal dental implants. It’s possible to support a full-arch lower denture with just four implants, while an upper denture may require six implants for support. With this treatment process, two implants are inserted right at the front of the arch in the positions previously occupied by your front teeth. The remaining two implants are placed at an exact 45° angle which is tilting towards the back of the mouth. The overdenture will clip onto the dental implants using special attachments on its fitting surface.
  • Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge: With an implant-supported fixed bridge, it is not necessary to replace every single tooth with a single dental implant. Instead, the implant-supported fixed bridge will reinstate several missing teeth altogether for which it is possible to reset the complete arch of a teeth. The number of implants required can vary according to the type of dental implant used by the implant dentist, and the number of teeth being restored. An implant-supported bridge looks very similar to a tooth-supported fixed bridge and can either be cemented or screwed into place. Sometimes an implant dentist will choose to screw the bridge onto the implants as this makes it easier to retrieve the bridge should it need cleaning or repairing. The screw holes in the bridge are covered up with tooth-coloured composite resin so they are virtually invisible.
  • Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge: A tooth-supported fixed bridge is the most common alternative to having implant-supported restorations, particularly where a single tooth is missing. A tooth-supported fixed bridge consists of two crowns, normally fitted onto the teeth either side of the gap and these are the abutment teeth. The abutment crowns are attached to the replacement teeth which are called pontics.
  • Crowns: Crowns are fixed prosthetic devices that are cemented onto the teeth or implants. Crowns act as a  cap to damaged teeth. It helps in covering the implants. Crowns are important to place over the implants. They act as a natural tooth and function like them.
  • Removable Dentures: Removable dentures are the temporary replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. there are two types of dentures complete and partial. when all the teeth are missing then dentist uses complete dentures while when some natural teeth are missing partial dentures are used.
  • Partial DenturesIt is removable, yet it is a natural-looking tooth. It helps in restoring the form and function of your jaw.  It is made of metal and acrylic combination, which gives the strength to perform chewing and speaking activities properly.


Conclusively we have discussed the various options available for missing teeth replacement. To get a detailed analysis of them, read the following.