Why Teeth Cleaning and Polishing? What happens in Teeth Cleaning and polishing?

Everyone aspires to have smooth shiny and stain-free teeth, but it is obvious that our teeth may undergo staining and certain deformities. Tooth cleaning and polishing may reduce your chances of worse dental problems. Tooth cleaning helps in removing the unwanted tartar and plaque which may lead to agonizing dental pain in the nearby future.

Always remember that pearly teeth and good dental health are the confidence booster for you. Tooth cleaning and tooth polishing are the major dental practices that should be taken at least twice a year. These are the cosmetic treatments that have an aesthetic as well as functional benefit. If you desire to have healthy teeth then make a visit to the best dental clinic of Indore soon. Consult the dentist for better dental health. Immediate precautions may help you to combat your dental diseases and problems.

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Teeth Polishing is a dental procedure that aims to give whiter and shinier teeth

At Global Dental Centre we emphasize on keeping your teeth-cavity free hence with the team of best dentist in Indore we work together for helping you to come out of your dental predicaments. Keeping your teeth cavity-free is a simple initiative. To achieve this goal it is important to learn how to brush and floss your teeth correctly from an early age. In addition, We recommend getting prophylactic teeth cleaning at least twice a year to make sure that food deposits and plaque buildup on the teeth are removed efficiently. With a good cleaning in the office and healthy oral habits at home, you will have a beautiful, healthy smile.

What your dentist does while tooth cleaning?

Many people panic when they are recommended for teeth cleanings. Between the prodding, strange noises, and occasional jaw discomfort, it’s easy to understand their apprehension. Amazingly for various others, teeth cleaning is a simple and painless treatment. Hence to release your stress we have a quick guide of what our dentists do while your teeth cleaning sessions. Knowing exactly what goes on during the process can definitely help in relieving your stress and help you to enjoy your mint fresh results. Global Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic of Indore offering all kinds of dental services. No matter what your age is, the global dental centre is always available in your service. Putting up further, We offer teeth cleaning and polishing for children too. At the prophylaxis appointment, the teeth are cleaned using an electric prophy brush and special toothpaste. For older children, an ultrasonic scaler is used to remove calculus. Sometimes hand instruments are used to get to hard to reach places. During the cleaning appointment, fluoride treatment can also be done to strengthen the enamel of the teeth. If a fluoride varnish is used, you can eat right away but we advise to stay away from hot foods or carbonated drinks, like soda. If a fluoride foam is used, you are asked not to eat or drink for at least thirty minutes. Although the chewing surfaces may feel sticky, it is important not to brush off the fluoride. The longer the fluoride is on the teeth, the more effective it will be in strengthening the teeth.

This is the recap of how our dentist conducts the teeth cleaning process-

  • A careful dental examination is done by our dentist.
  • Plaque and tartar are removed. Best way to get rid of plaque and tartar is to brush and floss daily.
  • After your teeth are completely tartar free, a high-powered electric brush is used, for brushing of the teeth.
  • Expert flossing session is conducted by your dentist to get deep between your teeth and remove the unwanted particles which might not be removed earlier by the electric brush.
  • The last steps call for applying a fluoride treatment. This treatment acts as a protectant for your teeth, helping them fight against the cavities for several months.

Why teeth cleaning appointments are important?

Dental cleanings at least twice a year is a great preventive measure that can keep the oral disease at bay. A careful dental examination will help in detecting early signs of dental problems that may lead to more severe and expensive treatment in the later future. Thus helping you save a lot of health issues and money. We at Global Dental Centre offer you the best and most affordable range of teeth whitening and polishing services in Indore. If you are planning for teeth cleaning and polishing, do not waste time in thinking, pay a visit to the best dental clinic of Indore now.