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Are you worried about your child’s teething?

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Helping Your Baby While They’re Teething-  Guide for Parents.

Get your confusion clear regarding your Child’s teething. Read on to get the full picture of Child’s Teething. Child’s teeth are a big concern for the parents. Infants undergo immense pain when they are in the teething process. Our blog will definitely help you to come out of the puddle of questions that you may face when your child undergoes this process.

Just like elders, babies are different and precious in their own way. Teething experience of each baby may differ from others, yet as a parent, you need to understand thoroughly about your child’s concern. Some of these points will surely resolve your doubts regarding the child’s teething.

  1. Teething duration of children may differ.

Most children’s teeth begin to erupt (appear in the mouth) between six and nine months of age — however, some children may begin at three months and some as late as a year. The full eruption sequence is usually complete by the age of 3.

  1. Teeth fall out in the same order they came in.

Child’s teeth usually fall out, in the same manner, they come in. Thus, the two bottom middle teeth are likely to fall before, followed by the two top middle teeth.

  1. Some babies are born with teeth.

It’s very rare – around one in 2,000 births – but some babies are actually born with teeth called ‘natal teeth’ They’re usually not a cause to worry, but it’s recommended to liaise with a pediatric dentist on the best course of care.

  1. First Teeth Can Erupt Between 3 to 14 Months

Often parents expect their baby’s teeth to come in when the baby is between 4 and 6 months old. However, according to our expert dental professionals at Global Dental Centre babies may experience their first tooth as early as 3 months old and as late as 14 months. For better understanding about child’s teeth you may visit us, we have the best dentist of Indore at your service.

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Child brushing teeth

Hence these facts will definitely help you to get a clear picture of your child’s teething. Since you know a few of them let’s take some insights to often asked questions.

  • When and how do I start cleaning my baby’s teeth?

Start wiping your little one’s gums with a damp face cloth while he has that adorable toothless grin. As soon as the first tooth pokes out, at about six months, it’s time to use a brush. Bundle your little guy up in a receiving blanket and lay him back so you can keep his wiggly parts down and see inside his mouth.

  • When can my child brush her own teeth?

Kids can practice brushing as soon as they show an interest, but they can’t do a good job until they are at least eight. Sit or stand your child at the bathroom sink, looking at her as you brush. Or gently guide her hand to show her the motion. Cover all the bases: biting surfaces, both sides of the teeth, the roof of the mouth and tongue. For better knowledge related to brushing consult the best dentist of Indore here, at Global Dental Centre.

  • When can my child use toothpaste with fluoride?

Start fluoride toothpaste after your child’s third birthday. But teach him to use a pea-sized amount and to spit it out — even if it tastes like berries. Note though, that with a large percentage of kids under five are getting cavities, some dentists may recommend fluoride at an earlier age.

  • Does my five-year-old really need to floss?

It’s time to pull out the floss as soon as there are no gaps between teeth, usually by about 18 months. Again, lay your child back so you can see inside his mouth and gently floss. Kids need help with this until around age 10; if your child resists your help, let him do it, but supervise to make sure it looks right, or take turns flossing.

  • My preteen wants to whiten his teeth — is this OK?

Your budding Romeo should wait until his mid- to late teens before he starts bleaching because, in the long run, the practice can increase teeth sensitivity.

  • My daughter grinds her teeth. Help!

Most small children grind their teeth, and thankfully, this habit usually passes once their permanent teeth come in. Unless there’s excessive wear on the teeth, scratch this off your worry list for the under-six crowd.


Thus, to address your concern related to any of your child’s dental health, we have our expert dentists at your service. Global Dental Centre understand the concerns and worries of parents related to their child’s health, hence we provide a better dental guide that may ease your task and help in eliminating dental problems.  Make sure that you visit the dentist with your children at least once in 6 months. Moreover, Teach them to brush and floss twice a day.

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